· The write-up should be at most 1,000-words (12-point font,

·  The write-up should be at most 1,000-words (12-point font, 1.5 spaced) 

1.  “Cyber Breach at Target” Case Questions

1.  What is your diagnosis of the breach at Target—was Target particularly vulnerable or simply unlucky?

2.  What, if anything, might Target have done better to avoid being breached? What technical or organizational constraints might have prevented them from taking such actions?

3.  What is your assessment of Target’s post-breach response? What did Target do well? What did they do poorly?

4.  What lessons can you draw from this case for prevention and response to cyber breaches? What do you think companies can do better today to protect themselves from cyber breaches and in their post-breach response? 

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