1. Please give in-depth view of Security Threats what are

  1. Please give in-depth view of Security Threats what are the characteristic of Trojan Horses, Viruses, and Worms. Also brief describe common terms like malware, spyware, bots…etc. 

2. Please describe in details what is Denial of Service in terms of common form of Security Attack with example(s).

3. Describe more details then just brief about most common Four-layered Model of Security. Also study/research and brief describe common concepts of whitelisting, blacklisting…etc. in an organization environment. 

4.Please read chapter 32 of your textbook and review PP slides and read reputable articles/ web resources and discuss: 

How does disaster recovery relate to business continuity? What is the scope of DR? What is the scope of BCP? Please list your reference/s

5.Read chapter 32 , online resources and reputable articles/journals AND:

Choose an organization that you are familiar with, for example a university, place that you are working for or any other organization and write a paper and describe your plan and proposal for a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan.

List all your references/resources.

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