1. Why  Is Female Genital Cutting (FGC) a Violation of

1. Why  Is Female Genital Cutting (FGC) a Violation of Women’s Health and Human Rights? 

2.  Why Is “Social Transitioning” not a Beneficial Treatment for Transgender Children? 

3.  Why Sex Work SHOULD NOT be decriminalized?

4.  Why Group Marriage SHOULD NOT a be legalized?

5. Why  male and female athletes should NOT be paid equally.?

6.  why transgender athletes should NOT be allowed to compete in professional sports?

7. Why  gender equality has NOT “come a long way.” ?

8. Why  parents SHOULD NOT be able to choose the sex of their baby?

9. Why  Public Restrooms SHOULD NOT Be Gender-Neutral?

10. Why  Pregnant Woman SHOULD NOT Be Punished for Exposing her Fetus to Risk?

 Write 300 words for each question.  Your debate should not just be personal opinion; it should be supported by accurate information/facts (everything should be “backed up” by facts). 

  • you must back up your original post with (2) outside credible sources, one being a peer-reviewed article  
  • Please refrain from using sources such as, Wikipedia or online media sources (i.e. livestrong.com, etc.)
  • Peer reviewed journal articles, credible websites; such as the CDC or the American Public Health Association may be used as a credible source.
  • APA formatting must be used for citing all your sources (in-text & reference list)
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