According to Proctor and Schiebinger, there are many kinds of

For this week’s e-response, please read the selection from Robert Proctor and Londa

Schiebinger’s book Agnotology: The Making and Unmaking of Ignorance 

Actions and respond to the following questions:


1. Proctor and Schiebinger want to “begin a discussion of ignorance as more than the ‘not yet known’ or the steadily retreating frontier.”  What do they mean by this?  Why is it useful to think about ignorance as more than an absence of information?

2. According to Proctor and Schiebinger, there are many kinds of ignorance.  In particular, they identify three different types: 1) ignorance as native state, 2) ignorance as lost realm, and 3) ignorance as strategic ploy.  What is the difference between these three types?  Cite specific examples of each.

3.  Proctor and Schiebinger are interested in the relationship between science and ignorance.  Select a quote about this relationship that stood out to you.  Why did you select this particular quote?  What is your reaction to it?  

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