Review the website links and information on the attached documents to complete the assignment below. Prompt: Create an explain your own alter-ego through an image AND a 1-page description. Here are the steps you should follow: 1. Choose whether you want to make a drag alter-ego OR a Jekyll & Hyde alter-ego 2. Create an image of your alter-ego. You can draw it, use photos and/or images of your own or that you find on the internet, make a collage, or anything else that will help you to visualize your alter-ego. If you make a computer image, save it as a PDF to turn in. If you make a physical image (a collage, a drawing, etc.), take a picture of it to turn in. 3. Write a 1-page (double-spaced) description of your alter-ego. Your description should explain which kind of alter-ego you chose, what it shows or symbolizes about you (why that is your alter-ego), how the image specifically shows important things about your alter-ego, and what this assignment helps you to understand about yourself. 4. Put both parts (the image and the description) into 1 document if you can!


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