Answer their challenge question. Responses should do the following: Derive

  • Answer their challenge question. Responses should do the following:
    • Derive from course material
    • Center on thinking about the art object in myriad ways 
    • Not be too obscure, obvious or off topic
    • Challenge each other to think critically about the artwork & it’s context 
    • Focus on developing ideas – think about other themes that may apply to deepen the discussion
    • Ask additional questions, clarify concepts, and contribute your unique point of view about an artwork (be sure to identify which artwork)

answer each prompt in a paragraph between 75-150 words.

1. Challenge Question: Why do you believe Betye Saar added the rifle to Aunt Jemima’s hand? What was the purpose or symbolization? 

2.Question: From looking at the Image what do you think the theme is?. Answer it by using examples from the picture to support your reason.  (second picture)

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