Apple’s Executive Shake-Up Readies Company for Life After iPhone

 QUESTIONS: 1. Describe Apple’s problems. 2. What steps is the company taking to maintain growth? What are some of the challenges and risks associated with those steps? 3. Why would change require shaking up management and the organization? Why can that be difficult? 4. Assess the issues a company like Apple has to consider and resolve when it decides to make changes to its business model and organization. 5. Apple invented the iPhone but it is not working on projects for services and products with rivals. How does this change a company’s strategy  Rewrite the questions above in bullet-point format in the file you will create and respond to them separately.  Must have bullet points separately showing each question and your response.  Be sure to explain your responses thoroughly; there is no word count requirement for this assignment. Here are the formatting requirements for the paper:  Must have a cover page showing the title of the paper, due date, authors of the paper and class#  In .pdf format only (Submissions in other file formats will receive no credit)  Margins 1”, top, bottom, right and left  Acceptable fonts: Arial or Times New Roman  Font color: black – Using other colors on the cover page is allowed  Font height: 12 pts.  Line spacing: Double

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