Assignment Content Project rollout begins after a project has been

Review the Project Implementation Plan Example.

Create a project implementation plan for your project based on the example document. You may use Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel or other software (such as Microsoft® Project) to create your project implementation plan.

Download and complete the Post-Mortem template based on your experiences completing the course project over the last five weeks.

Revise the entire project documents/deliverables you have submitted so far in the course based on your completed post-mortem activity, along with the instructor’s feedback from previous weeks grading activity.

Combine all of the project implementation plan, post-mortem, and entire updated project documents/deliverables (in this order) together into one Microsoft Word© document.

Submit your project implementation plan, post-mortem, and updated project documents/deliverables as a single document. I do not want separate documents for the assignment.


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