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3 pages Answer this question: Having read The Three Rules, pick an industry you are interested in and a company (NOT discussed in book) and make a reasonable case/analysis for what bucket that company falls into citing examples of how the company follows or does not fall the Three Rules. This assignment is purely qualitative since you do not have the statistical data that the authors did. You will be graded on 1. Apparent understanding of the book and concepts, and that you read it 2. Insightful choice of company 3. Examples and analysis provided to support your claim The Three Rules: How Exceptional Companies Think LInk: (Sample) Front Cover Michael E. Raynor, Mumtaz Ahmed Penguin, May 30, 2013 – Business & Economics – 384 pages 0 Reviews Finally, an answer to the ultimate business question: How do some companies achieve exceptional performance over the long term? In every sector, there’s an outlier. In the phar­maceutical industry, it’s Merck. In discount retail, it’s Family Dollar. It used to be Wrig­ley in candy and Maytag in appliances. Other superstars have been hidden in plain sight, like Heartland Express in trucking or Linear Technology in semiconductors. How do these exceptional companies deliver superior perfor­mance over the long run despite facing the same constraints as competitors? What are they doing differently? What can we learn from them?

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