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Case 1“You Can’t Fire Me! Check Your Policy”Page 530 (Chapter 13 – Case Study 1)

Read the Case Study entitled, “You Can’t Fire Me! Check Your Policy” on page 530 in Chapter 13 (Case Study 2). Then, answer all of the questions at the end of the case.

Case 2How about a 900 Percent Raise?Page 613 (Chapter 15 – Case Study 2)

Read the Case Study entitled, “How about a 900 Percent Raise?” on page 613 in Chapter 15 (Case Study 1). Then, answer all of the questions at the end of the case.

Please be sure to back up your answers to both of these cases with facts from the textbook (please use APA format). Your case reports should have a minimum of 1000 words combined (500 words each). Please submit your case reports as Word documents (or both case reports as one Word document). Please number each of your answers, so that I understand which questions you are responding to. 

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The two case studies, “You Can’t Fire Me! Check Your Policy” and “How about a 900 Percent Raise?” provide us with scenarios that require analysis and critical thinking. This assignment aims to assess your understanding of the concepts covered in the respective chapters and your ability to apply them to real-life situations. It is important to support your answers with relevant information from the textbook using APA format. Each case report should be a minimum of 500 words, resulting in a combined minimum of 1000 words. Please number your answers to indicate which questions you are responding to.

Answer to case study “You Can’t Fire Me! Check Your Policy”:

1. According to the textbook, what is a wrongful discharge?
A wrongful discharge refers to the termination of an employee in violation of their employment contract or in a manner that goes against the established public policy.

2. Identify the potential legal claims and defenses that the employee could assert if she is terminated.
The potential legal claims the employee could assert include breach of contract, violation of public policy, and possibly discrimination based on sex or disability. The defenses that the employer could present may include proving a legitimate non-discriminatory reason for termination and demonstrating that the employee was not fulfilling her job responsibilities adequately.

3. Discuss what steps the employer should take before terminating the employee to reduce the risk of liability.
Before terminating the employee, the employer should review the employment contract, applicable company policies, and any relevant state or federal laws. They should ensure that the termination does not violate any of these provisions. It is also important to document any performance issues and address them through progressive discipline. Moreover, providing the employee with a clear explanation of the reasons for termination and offering a severance package could help mitigate potential liability.

Answer to case study “How about a 900 Percent Raise?”:

1. Explain how Citizen-Schwarz AG could improve its HR policies and processes to prevent such situations from occurring in the future.
Citizen-Schwarz AG could implement a more structured and transparent compensation system. This could include clearly defined criteria for salary increases, such as performance metrics and market research data. Regular performance evaluations and salary discussions with employees could be conducted to address any discrepancies in compensation. Additionally, having a robust grievance redressal mechanism and whistleblower protection policies could encourage employees to report any unreasonable compensation practices.

2. Discuss the potential legal and ethical implications of Citizen-Schwarz AG’s compensation practices.
The potential legal implications of Citizen-Schwarz AG’s compensation practices could include allegations of unequal pay, discrimination, or a breach of the employment contract. Ethically, such practices could create a hostile work environment, demotivate employees, and undermine fairness and transparency within the organization. It may also lead to reputational damage and loss of trust from stakeholders.

3. Suggest alternative approaches that Citizen-Schwarz AG could have taken to address Annie’s compensation concerns.
Citizen-Schwarz AG could have initiated a comprehensive review of compensation throughout the organization to ensure fairness and equity. They could have engaged in open and honest communication with Annie, explaining the basis for her current compensation and discussing potential ways to address any discrepancies. Providing opportunities for skill development and advancement could be explored as an alternative to solely focusing on monetary compensation. Additionally, having a clearly defined compensation structure and salary bands based on job roles and responsibilities could prevent similar situations from arising in the future.

Please ensure that your answers are supported by relevant information from the textbook using APA format.

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