Chi-Square Tests Use the attached dataset (“practice.sav”) practice.sav to perform

Chi-Square Tests

Use the attached dataset (“practice.sav”) practice.sav to perform a chi-square test of independence to compare the differing opinions toward death penalty (variable name = “cappun”) by various racial groups (variable name = “race”).

What is the research question?

What is the null hypothesis?

What is the research hypothesis? (Non-Directional)

Basic descriptive analysis of the variables used (e.g., mode, % for each group, etc) in a paragraph form. (Don’t just include a number of SPSS tables and not talk about it.)

State the rationale for applying a chi-square test of independence in this investigation using appropriate readings and resources in Module 8. (Please cite specific references.)

Write out the results in an APA format.

Example: A chi-square test of independence was performed to examine the relationship between gender and like/dislike of American Idol. The relationship between these variables was significant, X2(1, N=120) = 3.92, p = .048. Female students at CUC were more likely (62%) than their male counterparts (44%) to like American Idol. The size of the effect was small with a phi value of .18.”

Be careful to state the % of “favor” and “oppose” death penalty within each racial category, not the % of different racial groups within “favor” and “oppose” death penalty categories. (An important distinction!)

Please include appropriate tables from the SPSS output used in your analyses.

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