Colorado history

Describe, analyze, and contextualize some important ideas relevant to your research topic. This essay probably will build on your bio paper and your place/event paper, although that is not required. Your paper should be written as if you were presenting it at a conference, such as the October 2019 meeting of the Western History Association in Las Vegas. With that in mind, you should craft a catchy title to attract a big audience to your session. The most effective titles also relate directly to the thesis ofthe paper.A strong paper must have a clear thesis statement, in which you clearly explain your argument in one powerful sentence, near the beginning of your essay in your intro. You should then prove your thesis with evidence from a variety of sources, properly cited. Your thesis should be provocative, perhaps even controversial, but also defensible.Each essay should briefly connect its specific topic to the broad context of Colorado history, perhaps by considering other examples during the same time or in another part of the state, using properly cited information from Abbott, etal., Colorado: A History of the Centennial State. For example, if your topic is farming in the San Luis Valley, you might compare and contrast it with farming in another area such as the Western Slope, using information from Abbott.Finish your essay strong, with a hard-hitting conclusion in which you drive home your key points regarding your topic’s significance, and restate your thesis.

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