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Ddeeper into exploring this concept of ADG., finding out more about the source of the term and also reviewing other literature about ADG that cites Shabbagh et al., also it might be worth the while exploring more academic sources about generational shifts from a social, cultural, political etc. perspective, look at how eras are defined or described by episodes in history or by other social phenomena, from an Arab perspective – possibly looking at indigenous authors from the GCC region or further afield to the MENA region. A possible reference discipline could be Sociology, i.e., Sociology scholars from these regions who have studied generational issues or possibly Anthropology, since that tends to cover many cultural topic areas. Although this work is progressing, you still need to build a deep and rich picture of ADG and to be critical about this term as well, e.g. if it really represents a distinct demographic of your country or whether it is hyped, etc. etc. This exploration of the literature will help lead to a better understanding of your context

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