Consider why do you think people study history? (Don’t be

 Consider why do you think people study history? (Don’t be trite here – it’s much more than “to learn from their mistakes”). Consider why you are required to study history to earn an AA or AS degree. Do you think the study of history helps you to be a better person or contribute to society? If so, how so? If not, why not?

To help you formulate an answer as to why history is important, consider the arguments made by Steven Kreis at the History Guide: Why Study History? and Peter Stearns’ argument published by the American Historical Association: Why Study History? (1998). Do you agree or disagree with these scholars and why?

Review the Explorations “How to Study History” and “How to Do Research in History”, then select one primary and one secondary source related to our course content.



Kreis, Steven. “1.2 Why Study History?” The History Guide. Last Revised April 13, 2012.

Stearns, Peter N.. “Why Study History?” American Historical Association. 1998.

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