Contemporary issues of Accounting: Earnings management and the

Sources to be used are : Google Scholar, Scholarly Articles, (5) Academic Journals ,Prior Research,with reference to academic literature and empirical data. Please make sure all the items below is Covered. it should be Critical Requirements for the assessment Due Date 11/3/19 PHD research with at list 30 or more References Write a literature review of 2,000 words on one of the contemporary issues of accounting demonstrating effective use of extensive reading and research Topic Earnings management and the financial indicators of corporate collapse.

(1) Excellent subject knowledge and understanding of key issues and debates. Evidence of a command of critical positions and debates in the subject area (2) Evidence of ability to make a sustained argument on the basis of evidence in an original way. Evidence of an ability to synthesise information in a way that shows a full grasp of the material. Strong evidence of appropriate critical evaluation of a wide range of evidence.

(3) Evidence of the ability to range widely and eclectically for information. Very effective deployment of reading in supporting arguments. Critical appropriate use of evidence from other areas of the discipline and from other disciplines.

(4) Lively and articulate writing that shows evidence of knowledge, enthusiasm for the material and strong control of the arguments being deployed.

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