Current Issues


Topic: Current Issues


There is a required paper for this course. This paper will be 5 double-spaced, typewritten pages in 12 point font and should be a topic taken from the list of suggested topics below approved by the instructor or a previously approved topic.  The bibliography page does not count as part of the page count.

The style and form of the paper should be consistent with MLA format. Conferences (as needed) will be arranged by the instructor with the student on a one-to-one basis.  Style and form will be examined as well as the student’s ability to be clear, concise, and objective in recounting his/her subject. At least five references are required that make use of reputable articles from research institutes that include facts and data.  Research websites are provided in the Web-Links for Research in the course menu located in Blackboard for this class. Only the research websites provided may be used.


Get started, do not delay. The assignment must be turned in by the due date. Failure to do so will result in 0 for the grade. No papers will be accepted by email. All papers must be submitted in the Assignment Submission posted in the course menu.


Academic Ethics:  It is expected that all students will engage in ethical conduct and will not engage in copying work or the production of other research papers.  Such violation of ethical standards will result in an automatic grade of “0” on the work in question with no opportunity to make up the work.  This expectation also extends to proper citations and credit for works used in the research paper.  All quotes, paraphrases, or facts taken from another source must be cited. Caution about Quotes and Paraphrases: There should be no more than two to three in the paper and short in length.


Suggested Subjects for Writing Requirement

The following is a list of suggested subjects that may be used for your research paper.  This list is not all-inclusive, and students may choose another topic related to political issues. Students should consult with the instructor to ensure the topic chosen is manageable. 

Research an issue most important to you such as

An economic issue of a specific topic

Social programs/Welfare


Border/homeland security

Education/ a specific topic

Immigration Policy or reform

Free Speech on College Campus

Refrain from the topic of Abortion

Be sure you are specific about what area of an issue you wish to research; otherwise, the topic is too broad.

Before you stand by your claim/beliefs about an issue, do you know anything about the facts and data of the issue?  Students must research the topic to be well informed about policy? Students will need to understand the relevancy of the issue that is chosen. You need facts to back up your claim about an issue.

Research Paper Guidelines

The following guidelines must be followed for the research paper.  Failure to do so will result in a lowered grade or a failing grade.

  • The paper does not require a cover page. However, the title and your name must be placed in a header along with the page numbers. Any paper received without your name will be discarded and counted as not received.
  • Student must use the MLA style to write this paper. This is particularly important for the citations and reference page. There are writing tutorials for MLA format in the course menu section to further assist students.

Grammar, style, and spelling will be considered as part of the grade.

  • You must use source citations for all quotes, paraphrases, or borrowed ideas or facts.
  • Perform preliminary research to ensure that you have sufficient sources to support your paper. Again, in a paper of this length, you should have no fewer than five sources (MLA format) from five different research institutes provided.  Do not use Wikipedia, News, or Blogs.
  • Every well-written paper should have at least three main parts. There should be an opening statement with a thesis which addresses the question or issue being researched.  The body of the paper should present the evidence to support the thesis.  If there is contradicting evidence from the sources, you should pay attention to that also.  The paper should end with a well-stated conclusion that either supports or refutes the thesis and explains why.
  • Additionally, the paper should also discuss the effect or repercussion of the issue researched as a personal and social issue. This is an opportunity for reflection as to your opinion to the outcome of information found from the research and should be included after the conclusion.

Information to consider as knowledge:  It is important that as responsible citizens you understand what the issue you are researching entails, but most important is the knowledge you obtain about the issue. Research is an essential aspect for responsible citizens to understand what our government officials are contemplating. Government profoundly affects our lives and the people we elect to represent us are crucial to our society and well-being. 

Substantiate your choice with the issue you have researched. Be sure to use facts to substantiate your claim as to why or why not the issue is relevant. Give several examples.

Students need to use the research institutes provided in the Web-Link Research tab in the course menu: Listed are a few

Heritage Foundation

Cato Institute

National Center for Public Policy

The Brookings Institution

American Enterprise Institute

Manhattan Institute

Pew Research

Rand Corporation

Sample Keywords: Use keywords when researching your topic that directs you to what you are looking for.



Support for a successful paper is more than finding the right resources. Putting it all together takes time and effort. 







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