Design a small country that fosters the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people

Topic Design a small country that fosters the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people

To do so, you’ll create policies and rationalize them using evidence from your research. You’ll need to define clearly your terms (happiness, greatest number, etc.). Organization: Your essay will have an introduction paragraph, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph–a beginning, middle, and end. Total length (including title page, abstract, your content, and the References page) = 10 pages, not to exceed 11 pages. Each body paragraph must include one to two quotations with citations from your research. Your body paragraphs will zoom in on five or more national interests. Examples include: class, race, ideologies (belief systems, religions, and so on), urban design, architecture, transportation, renewable resources, leadership / system of government, arts (painting, literature, music, film), military, cuisine, physical / mental health of citizens, entertainment, invented history, scientific innovation / research, technology, health care, family structure, economic policies, business practices, imports / exports, geographic location, topography, natural habitat…. and any others you can think of. To reiterate: You are creating a country. Although a research paper, this is also a form of creative writing. Pick five or more national interests on which to focus. Support your proposed policies with concrete evidence from EBSCO articles and other online research. Be sure to create an outline, organize your ideas into sections, and use transitions to signal shifts from section to section. You must also create (not copy/paste) an original graph as a visual aid in your essay.

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