Digital tools( NodeXL,SemRush, Voyant)

The purpose of this portfolio is to help students to understand the opportunities and shortcomings of using digital tools in digital research. Instructions -NodeXL -SemRush -Voyant,  Write 3 pieces (of 700 words each) to demonstrate your understanding of the tools including the shortcomings of your findings. Focus on your findings and explain them , you can use any data/word you want but has to be explained well. Research and citations All work must be written and presented in your own words. Any quotations should be cited fully in accordance with the Harvard citation style. You must use a minimum of two academic references and citations (from different sources), using the Harvard format as with other coursework for this class. An academic source is one that has a connection to higher education (e.g. scholarly books or peer reviewed journal articles). A list of all references must be included on the last page of your report.

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