Disabilities Law brochure

 you will design a brochure that include the following sections: Purpose of the brochure Overview of IDEA and its components( must be the most large section) Overview of the section 504 and ADA Resources at federal , state and local levels – minimum of two at each level The brochure should be prepared using Microsoft Publisher or a similar software program. The title of the brochure ( Disabilities Law ) When you write the purpose , be sure to write about does 3 laws , and introduce in some way as a propose understand the differences between does 3 laws . All the information must be from Exceptional Students book, preparing teachers for the 21st century. ( Ronald L Taylor , Lydia R. Smiley , Stephen B. Richards. All the concepts have to be from this book, and in the right way. must be : IDEA mandates that a “free and appropriate public education be provided to all students with disabilities, regardless of the nature and severity of their disability .

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