Discuss negative effects of the use of electronic devices and children

discussing the negative effects of the use of electronic devices and children ages 0 to 12. In addition, as we are all aware technology is a part of our everyday lives. So I will also be discussing the benefits and how as parents and educators is our job to make sure that this great thing called technology is used for the benefit of our children and not a problem. Screen time (any electronic device with a screen) can be damaging for children; causing addiction and affecting their sleep, mental health physical health, communication skills, and social interactions. Electronic devices can be a great tool for learning, but it needs to be done in an appropriate age and time usage. Any child can be affected; race, gender and economic status does not seem to matter. write your topic into a concise thesis statement and revise accordingly. also include information on safeguards and guidelines for technology especially in this day and age of Google Schools. How does technology affect children that are born today? Does use of technology help kids learn and grow? What is the impact of technology on youth’s health? What is the impact of technology on youth? How does technology affect education negatively? all in APA format and a page with all reliable sorceress

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