Environmental Management & Auditing

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Provide an analysis of how corporate reporting plays a role in improving environmental performance. (ILO3) 2) Choose a company, which has reported for three consecutive years, to use as an example from one of the following sectors: • Mining • Food Producers • Finance (Banks, Equity Investment, Financial Services) • Electricity • General Retailers • Industrial Transport a. Explain and evaluate the company’s governance and its ability to deliver sustainable performance (ILO 1) b. Giving specific examples analyse whether your case study has: i. effectively managed the balance between social, economic and environmental development (ILO 1, 3, 5) ii. integrated stakeholders into decision making (ILO 5) The Coursework assesses ILOs 1, 3 & 5 (highlighted in bold) 1. Explain sustainable business & governance models and their underlying principles and their relationships with organisations, products and services 2. Evaluate the implications of environmental legislation and policy on organisations

3. Understand and apply tools and techniques for assessing and managing environment, social, economic issues and improving sustainability performance of organisations, products and services, or new developments . Recommend innovation and explain other leading practice in the development and delivery of sustainable products & services. 5. Identify key stakeholders in addressing sustainability challenges and assess the benefits of collaboration & cooperation. 

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