Evaluation of Product Potential.

You are the Vice President of Product Development for a small pharmaceutical company that currently has three products on the market: a lipid-lowering drug, an anti-inflammatory, and a beta-blocker. Each of the products has a modest market share and less than 5 years left on its patent. The Director of Research and Development at your company wants to meet with you about a new drug, his department is working on for the treatment of type II diabetes. To prepare for this Application, review the resources on portfolio management, risk analysis, and other factors that need to be considered when deciding which medical products are the best candidates to move into development. To complete this Application, write a 2 page paper that includes the following: Identify the major criteria that you will use to evaluate the proposal. For each criterion you identify, create a list of specific questions you intend to ask. For each question, anticipate and identify two or more possible responses and how each possible response would influence your evaluation of the drug’s potential and its feasibility for your company. Your paper should be written in the following format: 1. Criterion name a. Question (Possible response) – interpretation (Possible response) – interpretation (Possible response) – interpretation b. Question (Possible response) – interpretation (Possible response) – interpretation

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