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Am part of group writing a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) report. Our topic is “Exploring Transgender-Competent Methods to Reduce Provider Bias and Optimize Patient experience in the NYU Emergency Department in NYC” The section I was asked to work on is the Background and I copied below what that section requires. I am going to send articles that the group has found that are relevant to the research. Background Describe in detail the proposal being addressed, background on the topic (which often includes giving national, state, and/or local level data about the problem your team is addressing), why it is being pursued, proposal decision-makers and other stakeholders who may have jurisdiction or input on the decision, relevant laws or policies, a timeline for the decision-making process, and how the world would be different if the proposal was implemented (e.g. who, what, where, when, why). Include any relevant statistics on the proposal that highlight its salience and why it’s a relevant topic on which to conduct an HIA. Present the ‘Case for HIA’ by answering the following questions: 1. Is the proposal associated with potentially significant health impacts/disparities that would otherwise be unconsidered or undervalued by decision-makers/ 2. Is it feasible to conduct a relevant and timely analysis of the health impacts of the proposal? (It was decided that it is not feasible based on the scope and the amount of time given in the semester for the project) 3. Are the proposal and its decision-making process potential open and receptive to the findings and recommendations of a health impact analysis? (Yes) Include a clear statement that, based on the responses to the above questions (and any other relevant questions), it was decided that an HIA should be conducted. Clearly state all the decision alternatives considered in the HIA. Include any other relevant information here that was not discussed above. List any partners in the HIA and their roles, including the funder/sponsors of the HIA. (if there were no funders, please state, “Our team did not have a funder or sponsor to support this HIA.” There are no funders/sponsors of the HIA

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