Find a full copy of Queen Maband poem and consider Shelley’s use of

For this essay I’d like you to think carefully about the relationship between form and content in one of the poems we’ve read. Identify a moment in the poem where you see some formal aspect of the poem working to reinforce or complement a key idea, thread, or question that the poem explores. Think, for example of how we discussed Rosetti’s use of simile in “Goblin Market” and Shelley’s use of dialogue in Queen Mab.Those were somewhat expansive examples. For the paper you might want to focus on a particular symbol, figure of speech (simile or metaphor), a repeated image, or other pattern you detect in the poem. You should move beyond a description of the formal feature of the poem that you identify to an analysis of how it serves to advance a particularidea in the poem. To help you, here are some questions designed to point you to relationships between form and content in the poems:1.How might Rosetti’s emphasis on simile be related to her use of fantasy figures? 2.Why does Rosetti employ so much repetition in her poem? 3.How does Shelley strategically use caesura in the poem to reinforce its philosophical claims?4.Find a full copy of Queen Maband consider Shelley’s use of footnotes. How does reading the poem with Shelley’s footnotes change our sense ofit as a poem?5.Bring ideas for similar types of questions about “The Raven”and “The Hosting of the Sidhe”to our class meetings later this week.Process:Bring 3hard copies of your paper to class on Monday so that you can give one to each peer reviewer. It is your responsibility to make copies of your paper and come prepared to share them on Monday. The draft you bring to class on Monday should be between 750-900 words.Remember this should be a good working draft and not a random collection of first thoughts you’ve written down quickly. You will share your draft with peers in class.The final version should be 900-1000 words.

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