For this assignment you will be a guest lecturer for

For this assignment you will be a guest lecturer for one week in a 300-level, online course on human factors in aviation safety consisting of 25 adult students with diverse backgrounds and experience.

As the guest lecturer, the professor has asked you to share your experience with the class. After all, you are a Subject Matter Expert in the field of Human Factors and Aviation Safety!

First, decide exactly what you want to discuss by formulating your topic for the lecture by filling in the blank:

The importance of training and education to optimize human performance and reduce error in aviation safety for ______ safety problem/challenge 

Please answer the following:

· What is your topic? Include the concept of the SHELL Model and HFACS

· What are the learning objectives you want to convey to your students (3–4 key points)

· How will you design your content delivery? What part is training, and what part is education?

· What training method, education approaches, and job aids will you use, and why?

o Compare and contrast the method, approaches, and job aids you selected to those you did not.

· What job aid(s) did you select and how is it used in your class?

· How will you measure student success?

Do not provide the actual course content, but instead describe your training and education methods, and explain how you would teach the class on the subject you have selected.

Compile the information into a paper of no more than 5-7 pages. Use current APA format and ensure that any references are properly cited in current APA format.

Your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin when you submit your assignment in this activity.

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