For this Week Cross-Cultural Interview Papr, you will interview someone


For this Week Cross-Cultural Interview Papr, you will interview someone from a cultural group different from your own.  You will be required to ask the interviewee about his/her experience working for an organization.  Upon completing your interview, you will then provide a detailed written analysis of the interview.  By completing this assignment, you will learn to increase your cross-cultural awareness and knowledge.

Cultural differences may include gender, ethnicity, age, language, customs, religion, and sexual orientation.  Keep in mind that you will get the most out of this cross-cultural assignment when the person you are interviewing is as different from you as possible.  You are expected to incorporate the following interview questions into the papr:

  • Who was your interviewee?
  • How was this person culturally different?
  • Where does the interviewee work and what is the industry of the organization?  Why does this matter?
  • How does the interviewee show respect when doing business?
  • What would the interviewee consider to be rude business behavior?
  • What would the interviewee consider unethical business traits?
  • What differences does the interviewee perceive between himself/herself and members of other cultural groups in the workplace?
  • What aspects of the interviewees culture or identity does the interviewee suppress at work and why?
  • What aspects of the interviewees culture or identity can the interviewee use in his/her work with others?

Your written analysis should include a summary of the interviewees’ responses, as well as reflections on your own learning. The majority of the papr should be written from the standpoint of what you learned from the interview.  Remember, you are conducting the interview to increase your own cross-cultural awareness and knowledge.  It will be beneficial to you to link any relevant theories from the course to what your interviewee told you and your own critical reflection of the interview.

Your written analysis is to be a minimum of 3 complete pags in lengt.  Going over the minimum pag lengt requirement is acceptable; however, I am not looking for a 10+ pag essy.

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