Graphic Novel Response Paper

Graphic Novel Response Paper (10%) Choose and read one of the graphic novels below for your graphic novel response paper. In your short essay, you must choose one frame or specific event in the graphic novel that depicts the ways in which youth culture is linked to social change. Then, you must analyze that frame or event within its historical context using AT LEAST One scholarly secondary source. Please note that you could use this graphic novel and the sources you use in your proposal and final paper. Your Graphic Novel Response Paper is due on, 7 March, 2019, and must be submitted in class. Graphic Novel Response paper format: – 3-4 pages Double-spaced (800-1000 words) – 12 point font size (a legible font) – Minimum 1-inch margins – Must include your name, and a title – Must include a copy of the frame/event in the graphic novel (attached to the essay) Use this Novel- Escape from Syria, Samya Kullab (2017)

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