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Reflecting back on previous supervisors/managers that you have worked, describe the characteristics of the one that you felt most confident working with, and the one that you were not as confident working with.

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Supervisors and managers play a crucial role in an individual’s work experience and can greatly impact their confidence and performance. In this discussion, we will reflect on the characteristics of supervisors/managers that have influenced our confidence levels in the workplace.

When considering previous supervisors/managers that I have worked with, I can distinctly recall one individual who I felt most confident working with and another with whom I was not as confident. The characteristics displayed by these individuals significantly influenced my levels of confidence in working with them.

The supervisor/manager I felt most confident working with possessed several key characteristics that fostered a positive and empowering work environment. Firstly, this individual had excellent communication skills. They were receptive to listening and understanding any concerns or ideas I had, which made me feel valued as a team member. Additionally, they regularly provided constructive feedback and guidance in a supportive manner, rather than using criticism or belittlement. This open and respectful form of communication allowed me to develop and improve my skills without feeling intimidated.

Moreover, the supervisor/manager I felt most confident working with demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. They were knowledgeable in their field and provided clear direction and expectations for tasks and projects. This clear guidance provided a sense of structure and direction, enabling me to feel confident in delivering quality work. Furthermore, they actively encouraged collaboration and teamwork, fostering a positive and supportive work environment. This created a sense of trust and cohesion among team members, which enhanced my confidence in working with them.

On the other hand, the supervisor/manager I was not as confident working with exhibited different characteristics that hindered my confidence levels. Firstly, this individual lacked effective communication skills. They were often dismissive of my ideas and concerns, which made me feel undervalued and unimportant. Moreover, they rarely provided feedback, and when they did, it was delivered in a condescending and derogatory manner. This form of communication created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity, which greatly affected my confidence in working with them.

Additionally, the supervisor/manager I was not as confident working with displayed poor leadership skills. They failed to provide clear direction and expectations for tasks, resulting in confusion and uncertainty. Due to a lack of guidance, I struggled to understand their goals and expectations, leading to a constant fear of making mistakes. Furthermore, this individual did not promote teamwork and often fostered a competitive and toxic work environment. The lack of support and cooperation among team members further undermined my confidence in working with them.

In conclusion, the characteristics exhibited by supervisors/managers greatly influence an individual’s confidence and performance in the workplace. Effective communication, supportive feedback, strong leadership, and a positive work environment all contribute to fostering confidence and trust. On the other hand, dismissive communication, lack of feedback, poor leadership, and a toxic work environment can significantly diminish an individual’s confidence.

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