Heart Failure Clinic Resourcing Plan .

 Write a 3–4 page evidence-based resourcing plan for one component of the Heart Failure Clinic. It is important for the nurse leader to have not only a basic understanding of the budget process, but to understand how to work with variances in staffing, patient loads, and supply costs in order to meet the needs of the patients, without compromising the funding process of the clinic. Competency 3: Apply management strategies and best practices for health care finance, human resources, and materials allocation decisions to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes. Apply evidence-based management strategies and best practices for resourcing health care services. Describe management and accountability tools and procedures used to manage health delivery services and patient outcomes. Competency 4: Apply professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct in professional practice. Apply legal and professional standards for resourcing outpatient services. Competency 5: Communicate in manner that is consistent with the expectations of a nursing professional. Write content clearly and logically, with correct use of grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and current APA style.

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