How might we use the cultural studies approaches of the module and the study of a specific example of non-Western culture to shed light on the nature of contemporary globalization and the politics of global cultural relations? • Bollywood Film (India).

 In your essay you should address the following (subheadings are a good way of organising your paper): 1) Briefly outline your chosen cultural form. 2) What insights does the ‘circuit of culture’ analytical model provide to your chosen cultural form? 3) To what extent does your chosen cultural form circulate globally? Some things to consider in answering these questions (some will be more relevant than others, depending on which cultural form you have chosen): 1) Is your chosen cultural form presented and received differently in its culture of origin compared with its presentation and reception in other cultures? 2) What factors have led to your chosen cultural form being consumed outside its culture/country of origin? What factors might have inhibited its global circulation? 3) What might studying your chosen cultural form tell us about the role of popular culture within and between societies? 4) How does theory help us explore your chosen cultural form and what does it tell us about globalization? Assessment Criteria We expect to see the following in your assignment: • Clear and formal English, with correct grammar and spelling throughout • A clear and logical structure • Evidence of research from appropriate sources • In-text referencing and a bibliography (see the Library’s Harvard Referencing Handbook for guidance) • Clear understanding of theoretical perspectives • Appropriate application of these theoretical perspectives to a chosen cultural form We also ask that you: a) double space your work b) use font size 12 c) make margins at least 2.5cm d) insert page numbers the scenario addressed the word count

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