How does NormanFrajman’s life experience illustrate sociological theories, concepts,


  1. How does NormanFrajman’s life experience illustrate sociological theories, concepts, or applications learned and discussed throughout the course? Be sure to support each claim with specific examples and references (if applicable). 300 words
  2. What moral /ethical considerations from Norman’s story are applicable or relevant to modern social problems? Specifically, how are these ethical considerations linked or relevant to modern social issues? 300 words
  3. With regard to the Holocaust, German- Jewish philosopher Hanna Arendt coined the term “the banality of evil” to describe the notion that many of the evil acts which occurred during the Holocaust were committed by ordinary individuals whose humanity was over-run by the bureaucratic-thinking absent of any moral or ethical considerations. Describe and evaluate the banality of evil argument and provide arguments and examples to support your agreement or disagreement. You may consult (Links to an external site.)or  (Links to an external site.)for more information about Hanna Arendt and the banality of evil. Approximately 300 words

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