i. Introduction: Background, motivation and  identification of your problem. Brief

i. Introduction: Background, motivation and  identification of your problem. Brief initial literature review which must lead to your problem statement.

ii. Problem statement defining the research problem or knowledge gap in not more than three paragraphs

iii. Purpose statement; one sentence which describes the goal or purpose of your research

iv. Research questions which is related to your problem statement, purpose and mapped/aligned to the objectives, in numbered bullets.

v. Objectives mapped/aligned to research questions in numbered bullets; using SMART verbs.

vi. Scope: Delimitation, boundaries, applicability or focus of your work in numbered bullets.

vii. Expected Outcome: What is the end ‘product’ or output of your research, in one or two sentences?

viii. Significance: Explanation of the impact and contribution your work to science, society, industry etc.

ix. Literature review: Critical review of previous works related to your theoretical background and methods used in similar problems. This also strengthens your problem statement and forms the basis for your methodology. Maximum 5 pages.

x. Methodology: Description of the methodology how to achieve your objectives using flow chart(s) and brief explanation of the tasks involved. Maximum 5 pages.

References and citations properly written using format APA

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