Individual Project – Global Marketing Individual Project – Global MarketingSo

Individual Project – Global Marketing

Individual Project – Global MarketingSo You’re Going International?Due Monday, November 29th @ 11:59 PM***No Late Projects Accepted***Select a local product or service. Determine and describe the attributes that will be required for it to be marketed successfully in another country. Select (one country) for example Japan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, China, India, etc. Please do not include products/services from Apple, Starbucks, or McDonald’s.**NOTE: If your product or service requires (little) changes to go international, you will need to select a different product.Attributes should include: 

  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Different Sizes/Volumes
  • Major Product Changes (example: an American car sold in England must be right-hand drive, run on higher octane gasoline, etc.)
  • Voltage Changes
  • Cultural Differences
  • Languages
  • Safety Requirements
  • Advertising and Promotional Changes
  • Celebrity Endorsements (specific to that country), or new campaign method (example: Pepsi has an official mascot for their Japanese branch – “Pepsiman”)

Research the differences between the productswithin an international country. Determine what changes are needed or (will be needed) for the product/service to be successful in another global country.Your finished product should be PowerPoint slides that show how the product exists now in the (USA), and how it would need to change to reflect the different international factors for (the selected country).  A split-screen PPT slides should help you accomplish the different attributes. 
Include: Specifics, Visuals, and be as detailed as possible.

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