Instructions Select a topic for which you will present a



Select a topic for which you will present a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding reference slides). This topic will be any current news topic regarding a fish and/or wildlife controversy. Provide an overview of the issue, present 2 or more “sides” of the controversy, then present your suggestions for resolution of the issue, showing that you have learned terms and concepts from the course. Be SURE to have academic material in your presentation and to cite it within the text. The summary of the topic should be no more than 3-4 slides – the bulk of the presentation should be showing off what you have learned. The final slide should be a “literature cited” slide showing all of the references you have used throughout the slide program. See the rubric below for the point breakdown used in grading this assignment.

CategoryPointsQuality of Material Presented – Factual, thorough, current; supported by maps, figures, and/or illustrations25Organization and Layout – Logical order, readable, visually pleasing25Use of varied sources to present >1 view of the issue, Incorporation of course terms and concepts25Student’s opinion & recommendations supported by scholarly research and a References section25 

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