International Market Assessment for Lidl or John Lewis

International marketing essentially relates to marketing operations in a new country or market. The purpose of this assignment is to assess student ability to determine attractive international market using key analytical tools learned in this module. You are to assume the role as an international marketing consultant either for the German hard discounter company called “Lidl Grocery Supermarket” or the British Department Store Company “John Lewis”. The company is very much interested in the emerging economies represented as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS). The CEO is consulting you to help identify the most attractive market for their business expansion into one of the emerging economies.

The task requires you to produce a written report of 1,500 word performing country market analysis using PEST model to evaluate the attractiveness of a selected emerging economy in the BRICS category. This analysis requires company analysis in line with the new potential market identified. SWOT model can be used to demonstrate how the company resources and core competencies can take on the opportunities of the new international market identified.

The report must provide section that shows a recommendation to the CEO based on the detailed analysis performed by you.

Key Areas -Description- (Awarding Marks) Preliminaries Executive Summary -Cover Page, Table of Content. Succinctly present an overview of the report process and key findings.- (5) Introduction and Company Background -Highlights the importance of the report, the coverage and gives key business information of your selected company. Must include supporting references.- (10) Application of PEST Analysis -A detailed use of PEST to evaluate one of the BRICS economies. Must include supporting references.- (40) Application of SWOT Analysis -Discuss how the company resources and core competencies matches the identified market, potential opportunities and examine possible threats to its operation in your identified emerging economy. Also, consider company’s weaknesses in light of the new market. Must include supporting references.- (20) Report Recommendations -Highlights key decisions based on the PEST/SWOT analyses performed. This should include the reasons why you eventually selected a particular market-. (15) Overall Presentation of Report -Excellent report structure, use of sub-headings, report pagination and format, easy to read and logical report flow. Adhered to word count. Properly referenced, using Harvard style.- (10)

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