Is there a correlation between the number of commitments that students are involved in and their academic performance?

This study will analyze if there is a correlation between students academic performance and the number of commitments they are involved in. The commitments will include any task that requires a significant amount of time from the students study. These commitments include participating in clubs, working, taking care of family members, and any other intensive commitments. An anonymous survey will be given to the participants to complete. This survey will measure the number of commitments students are involved in, how many hours the commitments require, students’ GPA, economic status, and gender. Variables that need to be Operationalised Number/Hours of commitments (Factor 1) Academic performance/measure by GPA (Factor 2) Operational Definitions Commitments:Vary from clubs,jobs and taking care of family members Academic performance :GPA( Cumulative grade point average) Operational Hypothesis Students who have more commitments will have a lower GPA compared to those with less commitments. (There will be a negative correlation between the number of commitments and academic performance among college students)

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