Learning Musical Instrument

Description Instructions Your Research Essay I is an informative essay, with supporting details from your own quality research reading. It should be in the APA format. Topic: • You are encouraged to choose an informative topic related to your own study programme/ major. The topic should be focused, interesting, and original, aiming to present some new and specific information. • You are encouraged (but not a must) to develop your Research Essay II: Argumentative Essay from this informative essay. • Please seek advice and approval from your teacher before confirming your topic. Word limit: • 500 words (+10%), excluding the title page and the references. Please indicate the number of words at the end of the essay. Overwriting may result in mark deduction. Number of references: • A minimum of three references from appropriate sources, including articles from peer-reviewed journals and books (but not encyclopaedias or textbooks). You must cite your sources according to the APA format. • Please check with your teacher to see if English news or magazine articles can be cited. Non-English references are generally not recommended. Questionable or non-academic sources, such as Wikipedia, are not allowed. Submission: • Please upload a soft copy of your work to the VeriGuide system. • The other submission format is at your teacher’s discretion. • If a hard copy, please use the VeriGuide receipt as the cover page and print your essay on one side. The hard and the soft copies must be identical. Format & Style: • Your essay must be formatted in the APA style, starting from the cover page to the references page. Please refer to the template given by your teacher and the APA Manual. Highlights include: – Double or 1.5 spacing throughout except ‘block quotations’ – 12-point Times New Roman – Use the default margin setting (2.54 cm for the top and bottom; 3.17cm for the right and left sides)

#Learning #Musical #Instrument

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