Let’s consider the following scenario: Papa Georgeo (AKA PG) is


Let’s consider the following scenario:

Papa Georgeo (AKA PG) is opening a Pizzeria and he needs a database to capture and maintain the data for the entities Sales, Customers, Products, Purchase, Suppliers, and Employees. 

Business Needs:

PG would like to capture all the sales data with the details of every order. An order could be consisted of multiple items. For example, a customer could order 3 large pizza, 1 bread sticks, and 2 beverages in one order with one order ID. The Sales schema should capt
ure and maintain order date, customer ID, Order Time, Sub Total, Tax Amount, Total Due, Order Item, Qty, Price Charged for each item, Discount Amount for each item etc. PG is going to offer a club card (AKA PG Card) for his customers which they will hand it to the cashier to get points (those points are known as, you guessed it correctly, PG points! ???? ) every time they buy anything from the pizzeria. A customer can get a free pizza when he/she has accumulated enough points.  In addition, PG would like to track who is buying what so he can create different promotions for his customers with that information. The restaurant will accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards as payment method.

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