Mental Health in Prisons

The literature review for the project should consist of peer-reviewed and scholarly articles. Review articles related to the distribution of the problem in the population (2–3 articles), disparities and social determinants related to the problem (3–4 articles), and interventions and programs targeted at the problem and/or the population (3–4 articles). At least two of the reviewed articles should contain evaluation methods with quantitative and/or qualitative strategies, which can be used to evaluate the current project. Ethical issues associated with conducting the intervention and evaluation of the project should be summarized from the literature reviewed. For each source, the literature review elements should include your summary of the following:  Purpose, subject/sample  Data collected  Analyzed study steps, results, conclusions, limitations raised in the study  Limitations that you identify  Why you think this study is valuable for this project (use the attached materials which already contains some of the intervention articles) II. Literature Review Using secondary sources, analyze how the health problem is being addressed in other communities. How prevalent is it? Through a review of the literature, evaluate the social, political, and historical milestones and trends relative to the identified problem. You should also review interventions that have been attempted in other communities and their success, or lack thereof. A. Provide evidence by reviewing the scientific literature related to public health problem, information on the needs of the community, potential interventions or programs, and appropriate and relevant theoretical framework(s). B. Analyze the human subjects-related concerns and protections that will be established in the proposal. In other words, what issues must be considered with regard to human participation research, and how will those issues be not only addressed, but protected (e.g., Institutional Review Board approval) throughout the proposal?

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