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  1. Locate the Elsevier Medical Assisting Procedures Videos under the Course Tools module.
  2. Watch the video(s) for Chapter 30: Performing an Intradermal Injection.
  3. Summazie what you learned in the video. The summary should be a minimum of 150 words.  
  4. Review your summary for appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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In the “Elsevier Medical Assisting Procedures Videos” library, students are required to watch the video(s) related to Chapter 30: Performing an Intradermal Injection. This assignment aims to enhance their understanding of the procedure and its application in medical practice. Upon watching the video(s), students are expected to summarize their learning in a minimum of 150 words. As the medical professor responsible for designing and evaluating this assignment, I will provide feedback on their grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


The video on “Performing an Intradermal Injection” in Chapter 30 introduces students to the appropriate technique for administering medications into the dermis layer of the skin. Intradermal injections are commonly used for allergy testing, tuberculin skin testing, and local anesthesia.

The video demonstrates the step-by-step procedure for performing an intradermal injection correctly. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining aseptic technique throughout the process to prevent infection. The necessary equipment, such as a tuberculin syringe, a 27-30 gauge needle, and the medication itself, are shown and explained in detail.

Key aspects covered in the video include the proper site selection, commonly the inner forearm, and the correct angle of needle insertion, which should be between 5 and 15 degrees. The instructor highlights the importance of avoiding any resistance during needle insertion to ensure accurate placement of the medication in the dermis.

Moreover, the video emphasizes the importance of patient education and obtaining informed consent before performing an intradermal injection. It also provides guidance on how to properly dispose of sharps and handle biohazardous waste after completing the procedure.

In conclusion, the video provides a comprehensive overview of the process involved in performing an intradermal injection. It highlights the key steps, proper technique, and emphasizes the significance of infection control and patient safety. This video serves as a valuable resource for medical students, enabling them to develop the necessary skills and knowledge required for administering intradermal injections effectively.

Please make sure to review your summary for appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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