(SOLVED) Why do cancers of the gastrointestinal tract often metastasize

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1. Why do cancers of the gastrointestinal tract often metastasize prior to the diagnosis of the disease?

2. Why does the American Cancer Society suggest a baseline proctologic examination for all people over the age of 50 years?

3. Why is it very important to warn patients with right lower quadrant pain that a laxative may be dangerous when the patient feels the reason for discomfort is constipation?

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1, Cancers in the GI tract spread over the year. GI cancer arises from the cells lining the stomach, which will be abnormal and shows rapid growth. early in the disease, there will not be any symptoms. when the disease progresses there will be symptoms when cancer spread.it has multifactor that develop cancer. it depends on the GI tract location of the tumor and extends the tumor near to the tissue or organs and spread to other areas of the body. metastasis develops when cancer cells from the main tumor in the GI tract break down and grow near the organs like the liver, lungs, or bones.
2, Proctologic examination is a small procedure to check the lower colon and rectum for any diseases, this examination takes only 5minutes. American cancer society suggests this examination for all people over 50yearls of age to find any abnormal growth and average risk. At this age, both men and women are more at risk of developing colorectal cancer, so it is recommended to screen the colon at the age of 45 which helps them to save their life.
3, when people suffer from lower right quadrant pain it indicates appendicitis or inflamaation. this patient should take laxatives they need to check with the doctor soon for any further complications. they will be dependent to have laxatives to make releif,but when thy have pain in this particular point they need to contact the doctor for further evalation.