(SOLVED) Identify two measurable short-term goals for Mr. Johnson. Explain why you chose these goals. .

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Identify two measurable short-term goals for Mr. Johnson. Explain why you chose these goals. . Consider what possible outcomes would change the priority problem. • Define one of these possible outcomes and explain how (and why) it would change the priority problem. Then, identify at least one new measurable goal related to the newly identified problem.

Expert solution paper

1)Mr.Johnson is suffering from chronic Bronchitis.

*Short term goals for Mr.Johnson:-

• relieve symptoms:-

=Giving medication for cough relieves him and he can sleep or do work calmly.

=It is most important to relieve symptoms first.

=Antitussives are given for cough,as mucus production is present mucolytic drugs are given like N-acetyl cysteine.

•Improve health status:-

Asshortness of breath present oxygen therapy is recommended.

=Bronchodilators are used for decreasing airways obstruction in the lungs.

=Relieve symptoms and improve health status are short term goals for Mr.Johnson.

2) following are the possible outcomes will change the priority problems:-

• cessation of cigarette smoking would highly responsible to the disease and cessation helps in improving the priority problems by reducing airways obstruction.

•reduction of weight also would change the priority problems by decreasing the unwanted fat in the body.

3) possible outcome may be reduction in the airway obstruction and imporve in the gaseous exchange this would change the priority problem.

Cessation of cigarette smoking helps in reducing the improvement of the disease because

The most commonly identified factor implicated in causation of chronic bronchitis is heavy smoking. Heavy cigarette smokers have 4 to 10 times higher proneness to develop chronic bronchitis. Prolonged cigarette smoking appears to act on the lungs in a number of ways:

i) It impairs ciliary movement.

ii) It inhibits the function of alveolar macrophages.

iii) It leads to hypertrophy and hyperplasia of mucus-secreting glands.

iv) It causes considerable obstruction of small airways.

v) It stimulates the vagus and causes bronchoconstriction.

Measurable goal for smoking is guidance and the educational programmes about importance of cessation of cigarette smoking and alcohol., banning of misuse of alcohol and tobacco, advising to reduce number of cigarette smoking per day as much as possible and should advice upto cessation of smoking cigarettes.