Peer 1 Personal selling is considered a sufficient way for

Peer 1 

 Personal selling is considered a  sufficient way for a business and/or organization to sell products and/or services (S, 2017). The process of this form of selling is through the behaviors, attitudes, product knowledge and appearance to promote a product (Berkowitz, 2016). Sales occur in this form of marketing as the result of companies selling their products by meeting face-to-face with their respective customers (S, 2017). Advertising is a marketing tool utilized to promote specific services and/or products, through a promotional tool/message known as advertisement (Berkowitz, 2016). The purpose of this marketing tool is to network to people and influence them into purchasing products and/or services (S, 2017). It is important for a company to utilize the marketing tool and/or resources best suited for the situation. 

  1. Within this scenario, emphasis should be placed on personal selling as it would be beneficial for the salesperson to provide personal connection, demonstration and assurance of the therapy kit, and the value this kit would offer for the hospital.
  2. This circumstance would benefit from placing emphasis on personal selling as well. A nutritional workshop as described, would be more successful if the salesperson were communicating with the seniors on a personal level. This approach has more success of reaching the seniors and getting them interested in the workshop. 
  3. Emphasis on advertisement within this situation would be the most efficient marketing approach. Advertisement reaches a larger market and has a network to promote product and/or services through a vast number of people.

Peer 2

 According to Surbhi (2017), advertising is a great way to promote products to attract customers in ways such as on television, radio, newspapers, and internet. Personal selling is a bit different as it is the verbal communication of selling one’s products to customers to create sales. Advertising and personal selling are part of a promotion mix which is acquired by the organization to reach their objectives in promoting products and making sales. The “manufacturers, companies, and health care professionals and organizations use an array of promotional activities to sell and increase market share of their products and services” (Schwartz & Woloshin, 2019). Advertising and promoting products and services are essential to success for organizations.

            A manufacturer of an infusion pump therapy to use in hospitals would require a demonstration of how to use and a full explanation of how the pump is better than others out there to make the sale. To make the sale of this pump would require more than just advertising, it would require personal selling as well to answer all questions the customers may have to clarify all doubts about the product customers have.

            A hospital offering a nutrition workshop for seniors can be advertised in areas where the senior population is high such as in nursing homes or doctors’ offices. A good way to advertise would be on television commercials, social media such as Facebook, newspaper, billboards, and brochures. There should be contact numbers the seniors can use to call about any potential questions they may have.

            An academic medical center offering a helicopter service for trauma cases within a 200-mile radius of the facility can be advertised through the local newspaper, the local radio stations, google ads, and television programs. This being a premium service, the beginning phase when introducing this service should have an advertising budget being that it is an expensive service to incorporate. 

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