PLEASE check the files uploaded so you know what my

PLEASE check the files uploaded so you know what my business idea (online sex shop) is, and respond to the questions below with the info on the files.Here is the link for the book:
CHAPTER 16(Pic uploaded)

  1. Provide details of any firm orders on hand.
  2. Provide details of all customers you expect to sell to over the forecast period, and how much you expect to sell to each.
  3. Give market research data that support or verify these forecasts. This is particularly important for ventures in the retail field, for example, when names of customers are not necessarily known in advance.
  4. Prepare a sales forecast by value and volume for each major product group (eg for a hotel: bedrooms, restaurant, off-licence) throughout the whole period of the business plan – eg up to five years (monthly for years one and two and quarterly thereafter).
  5. Support your forecast with examples from other similar ventures started recently, and drawing from company accounts and other sources.
  6. Give an estimate of the likely market share that these forecasts imply.

CHAPTER 17(Pic uploaded)Using the cash-flow spreadsheet given above:

  1. Construct a cash-flow statement for the pre-trading period leading up to ‘opening’ day.
  2. Construct a cash-flow statement for years 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 assuming that you achieve the level of sales in your sales forecast.

Remember you should produce years 1 and 2 monthly and years 3, 4 and 5 quarterly. Do not forget to state the key assumptions that you have made in arriving at your figures.
CHAPTER 18(Pic uploaded)Using the spreadsheet given above:

  1. Construct a profit and loss account for years 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, assuming you achieve the level of sales in your sales forecast. Include a statement of key assumptions made.
  2. Construct a four-line summary (sales, gross profit, operating profit and profit before tax) of your profit and loss accounts for the full five years (annually).
  3. Carry out a sensitivity analysis, noting by how much each of the following must change seriously to affect the apparent viability of your business plan:  
    1. Sales lower by x per cent
    2. Fixed costs higher by x per cent
    3. Cost of goods sold higher by x per cent.

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