Question 1: 5 pages APA format if need to use examples you may use Amazon and Walmart add some charts

Question 1: (5 pages, APA format, if need to use examples, you may use Amazon and Walmart, add some charts and graphs)
Assignment is a summary of the topics presented throughout this course, as well as additional research material you have found.
Write a paper that includes the following topics:
The changing business environment and the pressures for change.
Resistance to change and how to overcome it.
Business creativity and the needed support to construct the vision and the direction of change.
Building a strategic managing innovation model.
Blockages to creativity and how to overcome them.
Question 2: (300 words, 1 reference)
Please explain the processual and contingency approaches used by the effective change manager by providing the answers to the following questions and justify your opinion by providing the peer-reviewed support to your arguments:
Why does the conventional approach to strategic innovation management so often disappoint?
What are the main characteristics of strategically innovative companies?
What are the ethical considerations and implications of change methods?
Also, you have to explain about the critique of the process of synectics in the context of creative problem identification, morphological analysis and how do you relate to Leadership?
Question 3:
Read the case “The Dallas Mavericks” on page 237 of your textbook. Would it be worth a significant investment in performance evaluation? Why or why not? What benefits could be achieved?

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