Read all the directions before continuing. Go to http:www.creators.comeditorialcartoons.html A political cartoon will appear. For more cartoons scroll down to

Read all the directions before continuing.
Go to
political cartoon will appear.
For more cartoons, scroll down to select Conservative, Liberal, or View All
Once the page opens, click on a cartoon. Then you may also click on the Previous arrow to view more cartoons by the same artist.
Choose a political cartoon to analyze –
Write the cartoonists name and the date of the cartoon as your subject. If applicable, indicate liberal or conservative.
Right-click on the cartoon and download it to your computer.
Upload the cartoon here as part of your response.
Answer the following questions:
Who is the artist? Where and when was it published?
What does the cartoon look like?
How does the cartoon make its point? Is it effective?
In order to earn the full points
for this assignment, you must:
Directly and completely answer the questions.
Clearly and accurately explain your answer.
Use effective sentence structure, word choice, and grammatical correctness.
Respond to two students posts explaining your reaction to the political cartoon and the comments the student has made concerning the cartoon.
Reminder: Please make sure to comply with all Netiquette Guidelines listed in the Getting Started module.

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