Revise the U 3 and 7 assignments below integrate content from your U 5 assignment and add 23 new pages

Revise the U 3 and 7 assignments below, integrate content from your U 5 assignment, and add 2–3 new pages according to the instructions below. Incorporate your original thinking into this assignment, which may include relevant discussion posts.
Include the following in your final paper:
An illustration of the mission, internal and external stakeholder roles, fiscal support, curriculum and programs, and personnel in the community college.
Include discussion of how the topic relates to the mission, finance, students, teaching and learning, governance, and/or administration of the community. This will be a revision of your U 3 assignment, additional readings, and insights gained to demonstrate your continued learning about the comprehensive community college.
An overview of the topic, as related to the comprehensive community college and grounded in the literature. The paper should provide a description of the topic and a corresponding analysis of the impacts of the topic on the future of community college. This will be a revision of your U 7 assignment, additional readings, and insights gained about the comprehensive community college.
A summary illuminating your final arguments and articulating a vision for the future based on your findings. Be sure to give consideration to the budget analysis completed in U5 and address any changes in allocations of funds necessary to support the vision you outline here.
An accompanying executive summary of no more than two pages that is intended for the board of trustees and other public policy makers such as the county legislature; college leadership, including shared governance bodies; and senior leadership members, including the president.
Organize your paper as follows:
Title page.
Executive Summary.
Table of Contents.
Introduction and Purpose.
Additional Requirements
Written communication: Use proper writing mechanics, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Written communication must be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Length of paper: Include 11–15 typed(combine and revise), double-spaced pages of content plus cover, executive summary, table of contents, and reference pages.
List of references: Use a minimum of 15 scholarly references from peer-reviewed journals.
APA format: Format paper according to current APA guidelines and adhere to APA style throughout.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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