Scope Management and Health Checks Your brother inlaw is about to submit a scope statement to the town

Scope Management and Health Checks
Your brother in-law is about to submit a scope statement to the town council for the July 4thparade and picnic he has volunteered to project manage. Your town has about 6,000 households, and this is the first time the town council gave a tentative approval for the parade and picnic. The council president thinks that about $1,500 can be allocated for the event. Since your brother in-law knows you are taking a project management class, he has asked that you to look over his draft scope statement. He knows that the scope statement should be professional so that the town council will see him as responsible and allocate the money for the parade and picnic. Here is his scope statement.
4th of July Parade and Picnic in Anytown, USA
Project Objective – to organize and hold both a parade and picnic from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on July 4th
Parade security
Picnic security
Hour parade
Hour picnic
Local business sponsors
Food Trucks
Latrine Arrangement
Volunteer Coordination
Get permits for closing the parade route to traffic
Finalize venue location (local school or park)
Fire Department
Food trucks
Technical Requirements
Parking for parade
Parking for picnic
Audio system for music
Traffic control
Maximum 20 automobiles/floats
Food trucks donate 10
% to town council
Fire marshall
Strict adherence to time limit of 10 a.m-2 p.m.
Provide input to your brother-in-law on:
the scope statement,
scope creep prevention,
stakeholder management,
metrics for success,
ways to recover the project should it become distressed,
how and when he should perform health checks, and,
any other items he should consider from a project management perspective.
Support your statements and conclusions using at least one current, peer-reviewed scholarly article.

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