Should the legal drinking age be changed to 18 years old.

Should the legal drinking age be changed to 18 years old. 

Paper details The purpose of this essay is for you to learn to present a particular position on a controversial issue and to support that position with specific reasons and credible evidence. First, you will explore several viewpoints on the issue. Second, you will articulate your own position or thesis and support it with appeals to logic, authority, and emotion. Need 4 sources Introduction • Use a lead-in hook to engage your readers’ interest. You might use a striking quotation, an interesting statistic or fact, or a related current event. Whatever your choice, the lead-in must be clearly related to the issue you have selected to discuss. • Lead up toward your position by offering some general comments about the issue and by stressing its importance for the readers. • Present your thesis statement. Body • Support your thesis with sufficient and convincing evidence. • Arrange your paragraphs strategically, showing the connection among the various forms of support and finishing with your most convincing piece of evidence. • At strategic points, refute or weaken possible objections and/or make occasional concessions. • Try to achieve a forceful but honest and unbiased tone to maintain credibility. Conclusion • Restate your thesis and main support in slightly different terms. • Attempt an appeal to the readers’ emotions or try to leave with a lasting impression. • Consider offering readers specific suggestions for action, now they understand your position

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