Skill-Level Examples. As a group, you will look for examples


  1. Skill-Level Examples. As a group, you will look for examples that illustrate each level of each skill. The goal is to complete the matrix of 30 cases (i.e. 10 skills at three levels) with multiple examples each to build a frame of reference for the development of these skills that you are developing in MGMT 8003M.
    1. Look for examples either in your own experience or research selected skills online.
    2. Note that some skills, such as “writes in an organized, clear, and concise manner,” might require a written artifact. Others, such as “continually expands own knowledge and skills,” might require a narrative.
    3. Using the designated Discussion Forum, post your examples of selected skills being demonstrated at a particular level of expertise by replying to the corresponding thread. Use proper APA citation for all examples as appropriate.
    4. Review the examples posted by your classmates,  include comments and questions as needed, and aim to complete the full set of 30 examples.
    5. To facilitate progress in this collaboration, be sure to select skills and levels that have not already been covered by examples presented by another student.
    6. Each student should contribute at least six examples (i.e. two of the skills exemplified at all three levels, or six examples covering different skills.)
    7. Ideally, each skill should have multiple examples at each level.
  2. Documentation. Select the best examples for each skill at each level and copy them into your SDAP workbook to complete your own version of the Skill_8003M matrix.

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